New Discord, Legendary Moose NFT, and Elk Season

5 min readApr 29, 2021

Hold onto your antlers… it’s #ElkSeason!

Since our launch a month ago, Elk.Finance has been growing at an astounding rate. We have released our integrated ElkDex on Avalanche and Polygon, and we have introduced our game-changing Impermanent Loss Protection (ILP) feature.

We have also added some great community features, including our hugely popular first edition Moose NFTs released on Avalanche (sold-out) and our first airdrop for Strong Holders. Let’s keep it rolling, shall we? We have created a brand new Elk Discord server to serve our growing community. To kick things off in style, we are announcing the very first Elk Season, a community reward program designed to expand Elk’s reach as the leading network for cross-chain liquidity.

The inaugural Elk Season will run for five weeks on 5-day cycles, from Thursday through Monday. The first cycle starts Thursday, April 29, and will go through Monday, May 31 at 23:59 UTC. Each week, you will be able to compete for points by completing community challenges. Points will be tracked on a Community Leaderboard. At the end of each cycle, every participant will receive a portion of the weekly 500 $ELK prize pool based on their portion of the total points. In addition to the weekly prizes, the Top 10 Finishers at the end of Elk Season, will receive an additional 100 $ELK each.

… but wait, there is more! For every ELK awarded, participants will also get a raffle ticket, which will be automatically entered into a weekly drawing for a truly unique Elk experience: a 5-day vacation with the ultra-talented, one-of-a-kind Ralph, our Legendary #0 Moose NFT! (read on for details…)

How to Participate in Elk Season

At the start of each weekly cycle, we will announce new challenges designed to expand our community, produce high-quality and informative content about Elk’s features, and have fun. Most challenges will run for the duration of the cycle (Thursday through Monday), but some (e.g. tutorial videos, referrals) will remain active throughout or until they have been fulfilled. There will also be multiple “flash” challenges along the way, which must be completed in a shorter time frame.

Each challenge will be worth points based on its difficulty, and points will be tracked on the Elk Season Community Leaderboard. $ELK rewards and raffle tickets will be distributed at the end of each cycle based on how many points a community member has earned relative to the total points awarded (this system will be familiar from our Liquidity Score sheet). This means that every participating community member will earn $ELK each week throughout Elk Season. It is never too late to join the festivities. If you join late, no problem! You can still participate, earn $ELK, and even win the weekly raffle. To keep things sporting, there will also be a 50 $ELK + 50 ticket limit for any single entrant each week.

Elk Season — Prize Structure*

Community Rewards Pool

Week 1………………………500 ELK (Polygon)

Week 2………………………500 ELK (Avalanche)

Week 3………………………500 ELK (Polygon)

Week 4………………………500 ELK (Avalanche)

Week 5………………………500 ELK (250 Avalanche/250 Polygon)

Top 10 finishers…………….1000 ELK (100 each)


Total…….……………………3500 ELK

Prize distribution: $ELK will be airdropped every Wednesday following the end of the previous cycle. Community Leaderboard rankings are cumulative and will not reset after every round. 100 $ELK (50 Avalanche/50 Polygon) will be rewarded to the top ten finishers at the same time as the final community distribution.

Weekly Grand Prize Raffle — Win a Week with Ralph, the Legendary #0 Moose NFT!

Each week, there will be a raffle for the grand prize: a relaxing and luxurious 5-day vacation with Ralph, our loveable mascot, which we have minted as a unique and powerful #0 Legendary NFT. Much like our other valuable Moose NFTs, Ralph comes with rewarding features. Unlike our other Moose though, Ralph cannot be “owned” (he belongs to the community after all!); instead, he will be your companion for 5 days, which will be designated with a special “Ridin’ with Ralph” badge on Discord. Ralph is a very rewarding companion…

  • Ralph’s Loose Change Bonus: Ralph’s bags are filled with so much $ELK, some tend to drop out from time to time. Each day you are Ridin’ with Ralph, you will receive a random airdrop of between 1 and 40 $ELK tokens. In the true spirit of Elk, Ralph likes to travel across chains, so look out for your loose moose change on either Avalanche and Polygon.
  • Moose Tracks NFT: As a 600 kg palmated deer, Ralph tends to leave footprints wherever he goes. Since you cannot take ownership of Ralph, you will receive a special NFT bearing Ralph’s footprint, a unique keepsake to commemorate your special time together. This way, you will be able to tell your grandkids about the very first Elk Season.

Ready to start? Here are the first challenges:

Challenge #1 — “Licensed to Elk” (10 pts)

For the first challenge, which is required to participate in Elk Season, all you need to do is join our Discord server and share this medium article on Twitter with the hashtag #ElkSeason and include @elk_finance. Fill out this form, and you will be added to the Leaderboard.

Challenge #2 — Refer-an-Elk (5 pts each)

Get your friends to join the Elk.Finance community! If you were referred to Elk by someone, there is a field at the bottom of the Challenge #1 form where you can enter their Discord username, and you will both receive 5 pts.

Future challenges will be announced on Discord in the “ElkSeason” section. You may want to turn on notifications for that channel once you join so you do not miss any challenges. We look forward to seeing you there.

Happy Elk Season!

*Admins reserve the right to remove points or disqualify participants found gaming the rules at their discretion. Community moderators are permitted to participate in Elk Season, with the exception of challenges (i.e. flash challenges and judged contests) where they may have an unfair advantage.

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