Introducing Moose NFT

What's up Elk.Finance community? Team Elk has been hard at work preparing our launch on MATIC and cooking up something special for you…

First, to answer the most commonly asked question by our community members, i.e., wen MATIC launch? We have set a provisional date for next week, which we will announce tomorrow!

However, today's star of the show is not MATIC but it also begins with an M… Moose! Read on to find out more.

What is Moose NFT?

Moose is Elk.Finance's native NFT with ongoing utility. Moose are not just your regular NFTs: they provide their holders with unique access and experience in the Elk platform. Here are some of the things that a Moose can do:

  • Receive $ELK airdrops
  • Gain experience and abilities based on its holder's liquidity score
  • Priority access to some special events and airdrops on other chains
  • and many more…

In addition, each node operator for the Elk mainnet will be required to stake at least one Moose in each supported network!

This first collection contains 100 Moose. Each Moose in our first collection on Avalanche is uniquely numbered 0 to 99 and comes in one of three kinds. Over its lifetime, each Moose will become unique as it gains experience from its holder's liquidity score and unlocks new abilities (e.g., fee rebates, farming multipliers). With Moose, we aim to tie in the various parts of our ecosystem and provide unique benefits to our community members.

NFT Drop Schedule

Moose will be available to mint from on Saturday, April 3, 2021, starting at 15:00 UTC. Head over to our exchange interface, click on the 'Moose' tab (not available yet!) and follow the instructions to mint your very own Moose.

Minting a Moose costs $AVAX 20 + transaction fees (approximately $AVAX 0.05). All minting fees go to a wallet owned by the Elk community and will be used to provide initial liquidity when we launch on MATIC.

Note that you cannot choose which Moose will be minted or which number you will get. You will get a unique Moose, but Moose kinds are randomly distributed across numbers. Moose is an ERC721 NFT, so when Avalanche finally has an NFT marketplace, you will be welcome to buy/sell/exchange Moose as you please :-)

What kinds of Moose are there?

First, we have the Epic Moose. Our most exclusive Moose in this first collection. There will only be 10 Epic Moose, 5 of which will be pre-minted and held in reserve. 3 Epic Moose will be given to our strongest holders according to their liquidity scores. 1 Epic Moose is reserved for the artist. The last Epic Moose will be given away in a Twitter competition.

Epic Moose — Sample

Second, we have the Rare Moose. Our second most exclusive Moose in this first collection. There are only 30 Rare Moose, all of which can be minted randomly.

Rare Moose — Sample

Finally, our third Moose: the Uncommon Moose. There will only be 60 Uncommon Moose, all of which can also be minted randomly.

Uncommon Moose — Sample

ELK Airdrops for Moose Holders

Each Moose holder will be airdropped $ELK on several chains.

The airdrop amounts for each Moose type on AVAX and MATIC are as follows:

  • Epic Moose: $ELK 1,000 (250 on AVAX + 750 on MATIC)
  • Rare Moose: $ELK 500 (125 on AVAX + 375 on MATIC)
  • Uncommon Moose: $ELK 200 (50 on AVAX + 150 on MATIC)

Each Moose will also qualify for airdrops on other chains upon launch. The amount of these airdrops will depend on its holders' liquidity scores.

Airdrops will be distributed on various chains according to the following schedule:

  • April 10: 1/2 of the $ELK Airdrop on the AVAX chain
  • April 17: 1/3 of the $ELK Airdrop on the MATIC chain
  • April 24: 1/2 of the $ELK Airdrop on the AVAX chain
  • May 1: 1/3 of the $ELK Airdrop on the MATIC chain
  • May 8: 1/3 of the $ELK Airdrop on the MATIC chain

Wishing you a great weekend and see you tomorrow at 15:00 UTC!

Team Elk



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