MATIC Moose NFTs & Fantom Launch

Elk is excited to announce that we are launching on the Fantom network very soon! And with a new chain launch comes Moose NFTs! If you are not yet familiar with our popular Moose NFTs, let’s get you up to speed:

Moose are Elk.Finance’s native NFT with ongoing utility. With Moose, we aim to tie together the various parts of our ecosystem and provide unique benefits to our community members. They provide their holders with special access to features on the Elk platform.

Here are some of the things that a Moose does:

  • Receives $ELK airdrops;
  • Gains experience and abilities based on its holder’s liquidity score (e.g., fee rebates, farming multipliers);
  • Gives priority access to special events and airdrops on other chains
  • and more…

Additionally, in order to operate a node on the upcoming Elk mainnet, you will be required to stake one Moose in each supported network.

The first sold-out edition of 100 Moose NFTs was released on Avalanche. This second collection on Polygon will also contain 100 Moose, each uniquely numbered.

Matic Moose Release Details

The set will contain:

  • 1 Legendary Moose (Ralph, our mascot; non-circulating)
  • 9 Epic Moose (5 pre-minted)
  • 30 Rare Moose
  • 60 Uncommon Moose

Five (5) of the Epic Moose will be pre-minted for special purposes. Three (3) will be awarded to our strongest Matic holders according to their Matic liquidity scores. One (1) will go to the NFT artist. And finally…

One (1) Epic Moose will be up for grabs in the final #ElkSeason Grand Prize raffle!! Unlike our other weekly Elk Season raffles, this special drawing will be limited to the Top 42 names on the community leaderboard.

You can find additional information about the different types of Moose in the Elk Finance documents:

As with all of our Moose releases, proceeds will go to the community wallet, where they will be used to fund the initial liquidity for our next launch.

Moose Airdrop Schedule

  • Matic Moose holders will receive 100% of the purchase price of their Moose issued as a single $ELK airdrop on Fantom at launch. (Amounts will be based on USD equivalents at the time of sale and the time of release).
  • All Moose holders (Avalanche + Polygon) will receive a single airdrop of 42 $ELK on Fantom at launch.
  • Rare Moose will receive a 1.5x multiplier and Epic Moose will receive a 2x multiplier for both airdrops.

Look out for timing and details on the Fantom launch soon. $MATIC tokens are required to obtain a Moose on Polygon. If you need help moving funds to Polygon, watch the first part of this Elk Matic tutorial. The airdrops above are guaranteed for the upcoming launch only and may be adjusted for any future launches.

Elk.Finance is a decentralized network for cross-chain liquidity. Seamless experience with sub-second speed. Any chain, anytime, anywhere!

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