Update: HECO farms, HECO launch delay

Greetings Elksters!

We encountered a small hiccup with the Bifrost bridge: the public explorers are preventing us from enabling the contract calls needed for deposits, and the issue may not be resolved in time for the scheduled HECO launch tomorrow.

To fix the issue, we are currently working on integrating a Bifrost button on the ElkDex UI, which will be live shortly and will make the process much simpler for everyone. (Luckily, in a few short days, moving $ELK between networks will no longer pose a challenge).

Since we want to make sure everyone has a fair opportunity to bridge over some $ELK for the launch, we’ve made the decision to push back the HECO by 24 hours, so we will now go live on HECO on Saturday, June 26 at 16:00 UTC.

Another announcement will go out shortly with instructions when the Bifrost UI goes live.

Separately, we are pleased to release the initial liquidity pools that will be available when farming goes live at 18:00 UTC on Saturday:

Thank you to all who attended the AMAs with Avalabs and Unilend over the past two days. It’s inspiring to us to see our community show up and turn out for public events.

We’re excited for what’s shaping up to be a memorable week ahead!

Links to our website, charts & community channels can all be found here.

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