Moose NFTs coming to Fantom & Elk updates

  • An $ELK airdrop on the next chain launch equal to the sale price of Moose
  • $ELK airdrops on every future chain launch
  • Farming and trading benefits based on its holder’s liquidity score (e.g., fee rebates, farming multipliers)
  • Priority access to special events and promotions (for example, every MATIC Moose holders recently received a 3-month Pro Trial on

Fantom Moose Release Details

  • 1 Legendary Moose (Ralph, our mascot; non-circulating)
  • 9 Epic Moose (5 pre-minted, 4 up for grabs)
  • 30 Rare Moose
  • 60 Uncommon Moose

Elk Finance status update

  • As you may be aware, the Fantom analytics page for ElkDex has not been working correctly. These issues are based on using The Graph as an indexing protocol. The devs are working on a long-term solution, which may include building our own indexer.
  • The current ILP contract was not verified due to a minor change in the contracts which caused them to lose the verification status. This has been fixed and verified!
  • We have launched a basic API for developers to easily query our farms and liquidity pairs. Documentation can be found here.
  • Elk Finance Gitbook has been updated with API documentation & Liquidity Score page, along with other topics either added or updated in the documentation.
  • Waterfall Bot on Telegram has been adjusted to a higher minimum threshold.
  • has recently launched & Elk Finance contracts have been verified.
  • Upcoming partnership with UniLend, which is a permission-less decentralized protocol that combines spot trading & money markets with lending & borrowing services. More details regarding the partnership this week.
  • Work for an updated UI and website has been put into motion. With the new website, there will also come a more detailed section about the people involved and who are supporting the core team to advance Elk Finance.
  • A polished and updated roadmap can be expected for Q3-Q4 2021 by the end of this month.
  • Marketing is continuously upping its efforts with content marketing and collaborations with other projects. We are looking for collaborations with different blogs-publishers to help bring Elk Finance to new eyes. A comprehensive introductory article has been made and will soon be pushed out to various channels.
  • An updated schedule for AMAs to build up consistency is being done. If you have any suggestions regarding AMAs with a project you like on Avalanche, Matic, or Fantom, let us know in our Discord channel (

What is Elk Finance?




Elk.Finance is a decentralized network for cross-chain liquidity. Seamless experience with sub-second speed. Any chain, anytime, anywhere!

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Elk.Finance is a decentralized network for cross-chain liquidity. Seamless experience with sub-second speed. Any chain, anytime, anywhere!

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